GGT Hall of Fame

Check out the GGT Wrestlings Hall of Fame! You'll find our talented wrestlers throughout the years and in many different tournaments, competitions, and state championships.

Tulsa Triple (Crown Series)

2012 Damien Lopez  2nd TK

         Damien Lopez 2nd TN

2013 Nathen Braun 3rd TK

         Fabian Lopez 6th TK

2014 Damien Lopez 4th TN

         Fabian Lopez 5th TN

TK: Tulsa Kick off

TN: Tulsa Nationals

RW: Reno World

Illinois Girls Wrestling State Championships

2016 London Hampton 2nd

         Jaileen Medina 3rd

         Semeret Abdulkarim 2nd 

2018 Charlee Sherwood 2nd

​         London Hampton 3rd

2019 Amya Ocasio 1st

         Yadhira Morgan 2nd

          London Hampton 4th

         Mallyah Garcia 3rd

         Alexandra Macias 2nd


Celtic Elite

Joe Tholl Elite 

2012 Fabian Lopez 66 3rd

         Damien Lopez 66 4th

2013 Fabian Lopez 89 5th

         Alex Randell 66 3rd

2014 Alex Randell 70 1st

         Damien Lopez 6th

2015 Sammie Spencer 101 3rd

2016 Micheal Major 1st

​         Robert Major 2nd

​         Mike DiBendetto 3rd

2016 Preston Berry 130 1st 

         Nathan Love 138 1st

         Alex Randell 79 2nd

2017​ Chase Nufer 275 2nd

         Crise Terk 275 3rd​

2019 Jalen Curtis 156 1st

         Morly Coval 215 1st 

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